Ear Care Service

Micro-suctioning has been described as one of the safest and quickest methods of ear wax removal.

In line with recommended best practice we are now pleased to offer to our patients a private micro-suction service performed by a trained audiologist.  As this is so effective and is clinically best practice we have decided not to continue offering ear irrigation (syringing) anymore as this is not considered as clinically effective.

The service will take place at:

Verney Close Surgery

  • Monday Evening 6.30pm – 8pm 
  • Saturday 8.00am – 1.00pm

and will be bookable and payable directly by patients (by cash or card)

We do have the option of referring patients on the NHS to our local hospitals for this procedure, and yet the waiting times may be up to 20 weeks. Patient can choose to wait or they can self-refer for private micro-suction.

Patients who experience pain, discharge, dizziness, sudden deafness or have foreign bodies will still be care navigated and examined by our nursing team or minor illness practitioners and then referred if necessary either on the NHS to the hospital, given information about self-care,  or private micro-suction whichever is the patient’s preferred option.

Prices are around £55 for one ear and £80 for both but may differ depending on who the provider chooses. They must be booked and paid for directly.