Visit Your Pharmacy First!

Most pharmacies can now help you with seven common conditions without needing a GP appointment.

Introducing the NHS Pharmacy First Advanced Service
The NHS Pharmacy First advanced service has officially launched, revolutionizing patient care. We are excited about this new initiative that empowers community pharmacists to provide timely care for common conditions.
So how does it work?

What is NHS Pharmacy First?
It is a new service provided by NHS England.
The goal is to provide the right care, to the right person at the right time for seven common conditions.
Say goodbye to unnecessary GP visits – pharmacies are your first stop.

The Seven Common Conditions:
Acute Otis Media (Ear Infections): Ages 1 to 17.
Impetigo: Anyone aged 1 year and over.
Infected Insect Bites: Ages 1 year and over.
Shingles: For those 18 years and older.
Sinusitis: Ages 12 and above.
Sore Throat: Suitable for ages 5 and up.
Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections: Women aged 16-64.

Why is this so important?
Convenience: This service will give you swift access to appropriate medicines for minor illness.
Time-saver: Up to 10 million GP appointments saved each year.
Collaboration: Community pharmacies, NHS England and national organisations working together.

How to access the service
Self -Referral: You can walk into any participating pharmacy

Other Referral Sources:
NHS 111 (Online or Telephone)
Urgent Care Clinical Assessment Services
Urgent Treatment Centres
Emergency Departments
General Practice (GP referral for minor illness)